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Welcome to Green Beech Therapies, helping to expand your energy awareness!

Therapies, sessions and workshops available Forest of Dean based, however travel to your location for group bookings possible, please contact to discuss.

  • Kinetic chain release (KCR) and connective tissue release (CTR) - probably the single most important therapy you could ever have.  A set series of mobilisations and stretches designed to bring the whole body, muscles and skeleton, into a more correct alignment.  this in turn ensures that acupuncture points and meridians are then in a more accurate location and ensures that other treatments, mainstream and complementary, are more effective. CTR (myofascial release) is the release of the intricate web structure that permeates the whole body and which tightens during the fight, flight or freeze response.  This tightness is the source of much pain, physical and emotional. For more information please scroll down.
  • Cellular energetic healing (TECHS) - sessions based on the work of Barbara Brennan - Hands of Light
  • Vibrational medicine - dowsing consultation for health
  • Emotional freedom technique (EFT) - energy meridian tapping
  • PSYCH-K - communication with the subconscious through muscle testing to help change beliefs and perceptions
  • Energy awareness & kinesiology - finding out what you do and don't need to do
  • Tuning fork sound therapy
  • Earthing and electromagnetic (EMF) stress consultation

  • Course and qualification - ITC award in 'Discovering Dowsing and Energy Awareness'
    A 3-unit modular qualification awarded by a UK OFQUAL and SQA accredited awarding body. 
    Unit 1 - introduction to dowsing and energy awareness
    Unit 2 - introduction to improving your health through dowsing and energy awareness
    Unit 3 - introduction to checking for earth energies, geopathic stress and electromagnetic stress through dowsing and energy awareness

  • Workshops
    An introduction to Astrology & how to read your chart
    Reclaiming the wounded inner child
    An introduction to vibrational medicine (herbs, oils, crystals, remedies, colours, shapes, sounds)

  • Eco-holistic products and sales (books, pendulums, shamanic and animal cards, energy eggs, Shendo exercise DVD (recovering lost energy/Qi/Ki/Chi)

Green Beech Therapies

  Dates, Training & Events

Introduction to Astronomy & Astrology (People & Pets)

History of the two areas and how Astronomy grew from Astrology, conscious universes and archetypes, how can astrology possibly work or be of value, types of astrology, uses, layout and  how to read a chart, get a copy of your own chart.  7 hour course.  Dates. Please call or email for latest Forest of Dean dates  Course cost: £55.

ITC Qualification Discovering dowsing & energy awareness. 

Unit 1: An introduction to dowsing & energy awareness: What is energy awareness? nature of a conscious universe, history of dowsing, how it works, tools and uses, pendulum use with and without questions/charts, imprinting water (messages in water), expanding and contracting fields on people, food, plants and trees, blessing food, exercise to change or restore your personal energy (Health, wealth, relationships etc), muscle testing, checking chakra size spin and efficiency. 7 hour course.  Dates: Please call or email for new Forest of Dean dates.  Course investment: £55.00

Unit 2: An introduction to improving health through dowsing & energy awareness: Review unit one with warm exercises (those who have not done unit one may be able to join this course if they have some knowledge of dowsing and energy work). What is health? Making beneficial ascending choices through pendulum work and muscle testing. Checking food, clothes, jewellery, make up (bring to course), using charts and lists, using packaging and images, working with oils, crystals, herbs, remedies and flower essences, checking a therapy or the therapist, energy health awareness (sleeping in the correct direction, heart directions, heart colours, heart relationships), working with chakras and information that can be obtained. Dates 2017: Please call or email fro new Forest of Dean dates. £55.

Unit 3: Introduction to earth energies, geopathic stress, electro stress (emf). Definitions, sources of information, how to notice what is around you (messages from nature and the environment) standing stones and stone circles, energy flow in spaces (real feng shui), checking a plan of your house, sick building syndrome, earthing and emf, checking objects jn a house (contracting or expanding) checking colours and object placement, foreign energies, though forms (guardians spirits), ley lines and earth grids. Dates: Please call or email for new Forest of Dean dates. £55

Have your Astrological Chart produced with basic interpretation - people and animals.  Anytime.  Cost: £25

For sale:  Handmade in local community woodlands, wooden pendulums with copper chain, in soft bag.  £25 - willow, cherry or oak

KCR/CTR therapy - Who can benefit?

Everyone who is living in a physical body from the very young to the aged.  By following this protocol you can bring the body back into balance, alleviating problems such as weak ankles, knee problems, hip and joint pain, pelvic discomforts, back, shoulder and neck pain, TMJ and headaches.  Energy levels will increase dramatically when the body is in balance.  Guaranteed improvement in sporting performance.  When performed on young children, their bodies can develop in a balanced and healthy way, preventing many discomforts in later life.  Experience freedom with KCR!  Some of the conditions helped and often eliminated are: carpal tunnel;  chronic fatigue; joint pain; migraine' scoliosis; teeth clenching/grinding; IBS; stress; breathing difficulties; plantar fasciitis; chronic back pain; groin/pelvic pain; fibromyalgia; pelvic and hip problems; tennis elbow; TMJ dysfunction; bloating; snoring and sleep apnoea; insomnia; RSI; post-traumatic stress disorder.

KCR/CTR sessions by appointment, at the following locations, home and workplace visits available at £55 per session within Forest of Dean and plus £15 travel contribution without Forest of Dean but 50 mile radius.

1.  Drybrook Forest of Dean Evenings, Fridays, or at weekend.  (note:  one dog at premises)

2. Gloucester, Pilgrims Mind Body Spirit Shop Weekly.

3. Lydney Garden Retreat Taurus Crafts. Weekly

4. Glastonbury - Every other week by appointment

5.  Exeter, Newton Abbot & Totnes - Every other week by appointment

6.  Clients home, at therapists discretion - emergency appointment possible at premium rate plus travel/costs.

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